Guest Parking and Directions



The Hay Barn is located at 94 Ranch View Road, Santa Cruz, CA. 95064, at the base of campus.


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The Hay Barn has a total of 25 regular parking spaces and 1 ADA space. We recommend using the Hay Barn’s parking spaces for VIP and/or parking for people with mobility issues, and directing guests to use Campus Facilities parking lots 115/116 (across Coolidge Drive), and the Barn Theater, lot #122 (base of campus). The CASFS Event Coordinator can provide more information on parking and shuttle options if needed. You may also visit  UCSC’s Transportation and Parking Services web page.

All Event Holders should note:

  • There is no parking allowed on Ranch View Road, except for the two spaces near the Blacksmith Shop, where there is one “A” permit space, and one ADA space. Please communicate that to your guests ahead of the event.
  • Parking is limited. Carpooling is highly recommended.
  • Once the event holder or vendors have unloaded, please move all vehicles to a designated parking space. (Fire Code)
  • CASFS cannot reimburse users for parking tickets issued by University parking enforcement.